Food Bank in Action

Food Bank in Action - A Good Story Foods

As we prepare for community lock down, Daniel Epting took Mo & me up from Athens to Clayton, Georgia to meet James at the Northeast Georgia Food Bank.  Impressive.  The quote of the day...James, "Nobody should be going hungry in Georgia."

The enthusiasm and energy of James and the whole crew felt infectious, but in a good way.  They know they help feed people every day while reducing waste, which is one of the main driving forces of A Good Story Foods.  Our goal to learn about the eco-system of food production paid off.  As we start a packaged food line, we want to be mindful of the end result, not only what goes to the home, but what of the items that don't get sold on the shelf, or the label issues that happen in production that leaves the food fine,but the package unusable for many stores.  Well, this is is one of the places it goes. 

After delivery to the receiving area, items are inspected by trained staff and sorted by category.  Non-profit groups and individuals can have access to the products.

We look forward to working with them more.  In the meantime, learn more yourself by checking out the links to our local Food Bank, or find the one closest to you and see how you can get involved. 

PS If you head to North Georgia, plan a trip around one of the dinner's at the Teaching Kitchen; and if you are a chef, you might also consider doing a dinner once we can gather together again.



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