And so it begins...

And so it begins... - A Good Story Foods

A popular anecdote from Reid Hoffman says, "an entrepreneur will jump off a cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down."  While the idea for A Good Story Foods has brewed for the last ten years, the current mandated hiatus for large groups has our family and staff at Epting Catering & Design fast-tracking A Good Story Foods (AGSF).  Our plan is to take some of our comfort food hits from the last fifty years and provide these in an easy to heat and serve way.  Many of these will be frozen so that you can freeze, thaw, and heat as needed during this Spring of 2020 social distancing phase. 

Where possible, and as supply allows we will add items like our Moser Dressing and candied Pecans.  While we work on pick up and delivery, we want to help keep jobs for our staff and our friends in the community.  You might see Pickled Peaches from Jaemor Farms, Condor Chocolates, Jittery Joe's Coffee or even Living Fresh lettuce.  And while it isn't food, Kimberly Robert's may be offering some floral arrangements to accompany what we hope will be a fine meal for you, your family and friends.  But remember, for now it's no more than ten!

So please, join us as we work to give you great food with a good story.  We hope this keeps fostering conversation and optimism as this new era unfolds.


Ashley, Daniel and Lee Epting


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