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Legend has it that one day decades ago, when a cook missed a shift, Lee Epting asked Janice Witcher if she could make soup.  "Get started" he said, "and I'll be right back to show you how to finish."

She started and then finished the soup, and when Lee finally returned and tasted the soup he said, "I make pretty good soup, don't I?!?"  

Lee and Janice have been culinary partners ever since.  Nowadays, Renisha Juniors, Ryan Berkowitz and Danielle Vito among others join in both the prep kitchen and parties for Epting Catering and Design. The off-premise catering company has become a test-kitchen for classic favorites and new recipes; and is the heartbeat of these first items for A Good Story Foods.

We have a small handful of people that are diligently and safely packaging some of our favorite dishes that until now, you could really only get at one of our events.  A few handful of people did know that we would cook small batch items but for most people, you only got Epting food at an Epting event.

Our process now for the meals you can eat at home is to vacuum seal cryo-vac each item and send it out frozen.  This will last a long time in your freezer, but we encourage you to thaw and heat it up as soon as you don't want to cook this week.  Then check back, get a favorite, or see what new we have online. 

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